3 Common Office Cleanliness Issues & Solutions

Oct / 29 / 2020

When it comes to keeping your office pristine and hygienic, the biggest sanitation problems are often the easiest to overlook. If the nightly cleanings provided by your landlord are the only cleanings your workplace receives, there’s a considerable chance that many key areas aren’t as sanitary as they should be.

This can result in severe hygiene problems that can endanger your and your employees’ health, which can in turn lead to productivity losses and workers taking paid leave. In some cases, it may even facilitate a coronavirus outbreak in the office.

In order to help you avoid this problem, we have provided some tried-and-true pointers on how to deal with employees who ignore the workplace hygiene policy and improve your office cleaning in Farmersburg, Terre Haute and the surrounding communities. Read on to learn more.

How do you address hygiene issues in the workplace

What are the biggest office cleanliness problems and how to deal with them?

Most workplaces have unique cleaning needs. Keeping these needs in mind is crucial if you want to ensure your office stays clean and germ-free at all times.

Most workplaces suffer from these 3 issues:

1. Dirty equipment

According to researchers from the University of Arizona, the average keyboard has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Things only get worse when a single keyboard is being used by multiple people.

Other office items such as phones, printers, paper shredders, computer mice, AC remotes, and so on, are also likely to be contaminated with a huge amount of germs and toxins.

Solving this problem is relatively simple if the equipment never leaves the office: simply have your cleaning team regularly sanitize these items using an electronics-friendly solution. If your employees take their laptops home after work, they should wipe them down on a daily basis using disinfectant wipes or a similar product.

2. Used coffee filters

Modern workplaces run on caffeine. This can become a problem if your employees tend to leave used filters (or dirty reusable filters) in the coffee machines. After a while, these filters will become a fertile environment for all kinds of dangerous microbes.

3. Food scraps

Without regular and extensive cleaning, almost all workplaces will become inundated with food crumbs. These tiny pieces of food will inevitably attract insects, bacteria, mold, and even rodents.

office cleaning in Farmersburg, Terre Haute

How do you address hygiene issues in the workplace?

Most employees understand the importance of wearing clean clothes, washing their hands, cleaning after themselves, and generally taking care of everyday hygiene. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses (or cares for) these basic hygiene skills.

Since an unhygienic employee can damage office morale and drive away clients, having a talk with them ASAP is critical. Take them somewhere private and gently let them know you’ve had complaints about them. Refrain from shaming them or telling them where the complaints had come from.

Check up on them a week later to see if they’ve improved their hygiene. If a person fails (or refuses) to improve their hygiene even after you’ve talked to them about it, be prepared to take disciplinary measures.

Where can I book the premier office cleaning in Farmersburg, Terre Haute and the nearby areas?

Unless you run an extremely small business (eg., a kiosk), you’ll have to hire someone to clean your premises. Since employing full-time janitors is impractical for most companies, your best choice is to create a recurring cleaning plan with a reputable commercial cleaning service like KCB Janitors.

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