3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Office Cleaning Service

Mar / 31 / 2022

Maintaining the office cleanliness level at its maximum is essential for small and large businesses alike. Business owners and entrepreneurs do everything in their power to keep their commercial or office space in tip-top condition. They realize that the better the public image of a company, the easier it will be to attract prospective clients and retain existing ones.

So, it comes as no surprise that professional cleaners in Terre Haute, IN, are so sought after. As proper hygiene levels in an office influence the employee’s well-being, business owners hire the best janitorial companies to try and improve office cleanliness. If, on top of that, you add the maintenance that the employees can carry out themselves, keeping proper hygiene in an office environment is now easier than ever before.

How can you get the most out of your cleaning service?

Many business owners think that office cleaning services are only meant to keep the space tidy. However, there are three ways you can maximize the efficacy of the professionals you hire:

1. Scaling pricing

Cleaning efforts required to clean your business will vary from week to week or even day to day. Not every cleaning appointment will be as tough, or as easy as the previous one. This is especially true for highly dynamic offices where most employees are constantly working on multiple tasks, some of which don’t require them to be in the office.

This also applies to businesses that have their services mostly, or entirely done on the field, such as construction companies and contractors. This means that the office work is at a minimum, and that there usually aren’t as many employees working in an office environment to begin with. Therefore, cleaning these types of businesses is much easier than, for example, a marketing or a stock brokerage firm, that are usually large, with hundreds of employees, and where all work is done in an office setting.

With that in mind, assess your situation and decide on what kind of cleaning requirements your company might need. Keep in mind that finding a janitorial company that offers scaling pricing is always better than hiring a service based on a fixed monthly price. Even though scaled prices can make each individual cleaning job a bit more expensive, overall, it will save you from unnecessary cleaning investments, since you can simply cancel and reschedule the cleaning appointment when it is not needed.

2. Maintain clear communication

Cleaning requirements will change over time, and that’s okay. Having the changes properly communicated to the cleaning service provider is very important. They’ll not only be able to do the job exactly as you want it done, but will save the janitorial company time from focusing on unnecessary tasks.

3. Pick a good company and stick with it

Constantly bouncing between cleaning companies trying to find the perfect one can really be detrimental to your business. In such a case, the janitorial companies won’t be around long enough to get familiar with your business’ cleaning requirements, and be able to increase their efficiency as they get accustomed to your needs.

Having just one company continually handle all your cleaning needs creates trust between you and the service provider. And with good, long-term business relationships come all the benefits, such as better pricing, priority status, etc.



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