Spring Cleaning Checklist: 3 Ideas & Tips for Your Office

Mar / 31 / 2022

With spring right around the corner, it’s the perfect time for you to think about what you can do for spring cleaning in your office. Of course, there isn’t a perfect method, you will need to think long and hard to find the ideal cleaning strategy for your business. Your safest bet might be to professional Terre Haute, IN cleaners handle everything.

However, you could try and organize something as simple as spring cleaning for your office in agreement with your employees. Not only will you save yourself from an unnecessary cleaning investment, but you might be able to learn how to improve your office cleaning or what your business’ most common cleaning demands are so you can get the most out of your cleaning service. As office hygiene affects the mood and stress levels of your employees, this might be the perfect opportunity to lift their spirits and productivity.

What should an office spring cleaning checklist include?

As the weather starts to warm up, spring cleaning is a great opportunity to declutter and get organized. But where to begin your office spring cleaning? Here’s what to include:

1. Workplace disinfection

Now more than ever, in the light of a pandemic, keeping your office clean and disinfected is imperative. Spring is the ideal time to make your office completely germ-free.

Make sure to wipe down all the main surfaces, such as desks, and everything on them, from keyboards, monitors, to printers, and everything in between.

The other important place which needs regular disinfection and a thorough clean is your break room. The third focal point of a seasonal deep clean should be all the common surfaces and items that get handled or used daily by almost every single employee. These include doorknobs, water coolers, printers, filing cabinets, etc.

2. Deep cleaning your floors

Regular cleaning and vacuuming is a no-brainer. However, if you have carpeted floors in your office, it’s essential to do a deep clean of your carpeting at least once a year.

This part calls for the services of a professional cleaning company that can thoroughly clean all your carpeting using specialized machines and cleaning solutions. Before the process can begin, you’ll need to clear the space and relocate bigger items such as tables and cabinets until the deep clean is complete.

3. Get rid of paper and clutter

If you’re an owner of a medium to large-sized business, you most likely have different departments within your organization. This tends to produce a large amount of paperwork that ends up piled up everywhere around the office.

Encourage your employees to file all their papers accordingly and get rid of unnecessary or old documents. If they require more storage space, you’ll need to get additional containers for supplies and file cabinets for documentation. Alternatively, you can invest in an archive room where all the currently unnecessary files can be stored for safekeeping.


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