5 Common Office Cleaning Mistakes

Dec / 30 / 2020

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that maintaining the work environment is absolutely critical for the success of any business that operates out of an office. The benefits of having clean premises include boosting employee morale, leaving a great impression on clients, and reducing the risk of COVID-19.

Unfortunately, many companies still take care of most of their office cleaning in-house, or hire “budget” janitors who routinely neglect certain areas while cleaning or use wrong products for cleaning floors and other large surfaces.

In an effort to help you maintain a healthy workplace, we have written a list of the top 5 most common office cleaning mistakes your commercial cleaner in Clinton, IN, should do their best to avoid. Read on.

What mistakes to avoid during office cleaning?

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to workplace cleaning is to take it for granted. The reality is that your premises are a space you have invested in, and ensuring it’s cleaned up to the highest standard is one of the most effective ways of protecting your investment.

This is true both literally (not cleaning your furniture and equipment will cause it to break down faster), and in the business sense (untidy premises will drive away prospective investors and employees, and demoralize your staff).

Here are 5 workplace cleaning mistakes to avoid:

1. Equipment damage

Sensitive machines such as computers, TVs, touchscreens, and similar devices should only be cleaned using specialized cleaning products. Using dirty or damp cleaning cloths, abrasive materials, or similar cleaning equipment can easily damage expensive workstations, resulting in lost data and reduced productivity.

2. Cleaning only visible surfaces

In an attempt to save time, lazy or untrained cleaners may simply wipe down and tidy up visible areas in your workplace. This will allow dust, dirt, and clutter to accumulate to the point where it starts negatively impacting your employees’ health and interfering with your operations.

This mistake is especially severe when it comes to workplace cafeteria or kitchen cleaning, as it can easily lead to mold and pest infestations in your office.

3. Using wrong cleaning supplies and techniques

Applying abrasive chemicals or scrubbing to remove stains is a great way to damage upholstery and floor coverings. Even if the right cleaning solution is used, applying it in wrong quantities can still cause unnecessary wear on the materials.

4. Improper cleaning equipment maintenance

Vacuum cleaners and other specialized cleaning devices need to be emptied and cleaned regularly in order to avoid malfunctions or decreases in performance. Failing to do so will not only make your cleanings less effective, it’ll also require you to pay for costly replacements or repairs.

5. Disrupting your operations

There’s nothing worse than having a cleaner run a noisy vacuum cleaner through the office while your employees are trying to focus on their tasks. To keep from distracting the staff and enable the cleaner to freely move around, office cleaning should always be done after everyone else has gone home.

What mistakes to avoid during office cleaning

Where can I hire a first-rate cleaner in Clinton, IN?

There are no two ways about it: unless your premises are extremely small (eg., a home office for your freelance work), you’ll either need to hire full-time janitors or outsource your workplace cleaning to a trusted commercial cleaning service.

As the top cleaning company in Clinton, KCB Janitors is ideally positioned to attend to all your office cleaning needs. With our help, you’ll not just be getting a first-rate cleaning, you’ll also be able to take a relaxing walk through the Clinton Downtown Historic District, safe in the knowledge that your company’s cleaning needs are taken care of by the best. Call us today.