Ok, so we don't have robots cleaning yet...
but we will implement a plan to
automate your office cleaning

What is automated office cleaning?

If you have ever read the E-myth by Michael E. Gerber, then you might remember the story of the hotel that anticipated all of his needs and gave him a great experience time after time...That is what our Automated Office Cleaning is designed to do.

We Will

Analyze your office cleaning needs

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to call your cleaning company every time you need carpet cleaning, window cleaning, spring cleaning, lights cleaned out...or worse, just to tell them that the regular scheduled cleaning isn’t getting done well?

We Will

Plan all your cleaning needs

If there are things that are not scheduled, we want to at least have a system in place that will predict or identify every cleaning need before it becomes an issue that takes your time to try to deal with.

We Will

Take care of all your cleaning needs

You can focus your time on the tasks that make you money! Our goal is that all you have to do is say yes or no. We are good at this and we are looking at these things every day when we clean.

Automated office cleaning in Terre Haute, IN and around that takes all the hassle away

Commercial cleaners in Terre Haute, IN and beyond know what you need

Once we have created your Automated Office Cleaning Plan, we will use technology to improve our cleaning for you. With Swept, your cleaners always have all of the information they need to follow your Automated Office Cleaning Plan. With Swept, we can perform audits customized to your Automated Office Cleaning Plan. We can see when your crew shows up and when they leave. They can communicate any potential need to management quick and easy. You can communicate any request or concern as quick as snapping a picture or typing a quick message. We can verify requests have actually been completed by requesting a before and after picture from the crew to show it was really done!

Schedule your free site analysis today and get your free Automated Office Cleaning Plan

How automated office cleaning in Terre Haute, IN and the region works?

Step 1


We start with a free consultation where we will take 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to go through our Office Automation Planner with you to discover all of your office’s cleaning wants and needs.

Step 2


After the consultation we will take the time to enter your information into our Automation Generator to create a customized Office Cleaning Automation Plan specifically for your office but benefiting from comparison to similar offices and their cleaning needs to prevent any pitfalls before they happen for you.

Step 3


We will set a second meeting to go over your Automation Plan so you understand the whole process even if you choose not to use us.

Step 4

If you choose to use us, we will implement the automation plan to take care of all of your office cleaning needs. You can Automate it and Forget it! All you will need to do is let us know yes or no when we send you recommendations, and let us know if you are happy or sad when we ask for feedback.

Why you need automated office cleaning in West Terre Haute, IN and other neighboring areas?

All the information about your cleaning appointment will be documented in your personalized cleaning plan. You will have a clear insight into your services because our Automation Plan will identify your cleaning needs, include appointment reminders and monitor the condition of all the cleaning items.

Owing to our Automated Plan, we always know whether your cleaner showed up for the appointment. In case your cleaner fails to show up, we’ll send a back-up cleaner before you know it.

All of our cleaners are required to follow the checklist from your personalized Automation Plan, maintaining the highest service standards at all times. In addition, our “cleaner-checking-cleaner” program enables us to check and monitor whether your cleaning professional has followed your cleaning checklist.

Our Automated Plan will identify even your potential cleaning needs and modify your cleaning services accordingly. Should there be some aspect of your cleaning services that isn’t included in your checklist, we will let you know and suggest the appropriate action and adequate pricing. You just need to give us the green light.


We use the Jobber app as part of every Automation Plan to improve our cleaning and communication for you!

Download the app here:

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