Commercial Deep Cleaning 101: How to Deep Clean an Office the Right Way

Jul / 30 / 2020

A deep cleaning is an advanced type of cleaning that targets deeply ingrained dirt and hard-to-reach surfaces. Due to being much more thorough than standard cleanings, deep cleanings rarely need to be performed more often than 2-4 times a year.

But how exactly are deep cleanings different from standard cleanings? Does this type of cleaning help with the coronavirus pandemic, and how? Can you deep clean your workplace yourself, or should you hire commercial cleaners in Brazil, IN? Do commercial deep cleanings include disinfection as well?

We will answer these common workplace cleaning and hygiene questions in the following article. Read on to learn more.

What is a commercial deep clean?

A residential deep cleaning (also known as spring cleaning) aims to clean difficult-to-reach surfaces and deal with stubborn stains that you wouldn’t normally tackle during a standard cleaning. It often requires you to move furniture, use a ladder to reach high areas, and so on.

How do you deep clean an office

A commercial deep cleaning follows the same basic principles, except modified to fit the needs of a workplace. While 2-4 deep cleanings a year are the standard for most businesses, companies that see a lot of foot traffic may need to deep clean their premises more often.

Another factor to consider is the COVID-19 crisis. In order to safeguard your and your employees’ health, it’s highly advised that you have your office deep cleaned as soon as possible if you haven’t done so already.

How do you deep clean an office?

A commercial deep cleaning includes everything a standard commercial cleaning does (dusting, vacuuming, mopping, wiping down desks, disinfecting high-touch surfaces, etc.). However, it also includes a variety of other specialized types of cleaning that aren’t usually performed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

In addition to a standard cleaning, a commercial deep cleaning includes:

* Dusting light fixtures and vents

* Dusting all light switches and walls

* Cleaning all doorknobs and dusting all doors

* Dusting all baseboards

* Cleaning and disinfecting all computer screens and keyboards

* Moving large furniture such as cabinets and tables, and cleaning underneath and behind it

* Redoing the caulk around the sinks and the toilets

* Emptying out kitchen cabinets and cleaning their interiors

* Emptying out the office fridge and cleaning its interior

* Cleaning the interior of the microwave

* Cleaning the windows

* Washing the carpets

* Dusting the ceiling

* Stripping and waxing

* Blowing the dust out of computers

* Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the toilets and sinks

Why are commercial deep cleanings so important?

Regular cleanings are designed to quickly and efficiently take care of the everyday dust and dirt that finds its way into your office. However, some of this dust and dirt will find its way into the spaces behind furniture, or become deeply ingrained in your carpets, in a way that can’t be cleaned during a standard cleaning.

Without a deep cleaning, these surfaces will eventually become full of dangerous allergens, toxins, microbes, and molds that can potentially endanger your, your employees, and your customers’ health.

Where can I hire the premier commercial cleaners in Brazil, IN?

It goes without saying that, as the manager or owner of your company, you have more important things to do than mop and vacuum your office. Unless you can afford to employ full-time janitors, the best way to ensure your premises are regularly cleaned is by hiring a trusted cleaning company like KCB Janitors.

We’ll happily give your workplace a world-class cleaning while you focus on running your business, or simply relax with a pleasant walk through the Meridian-Forest Historic District in Brazil. Book our services today.