The Do and Don’ts of Personal Hygiene In The Workplace

Jan / 29 / 2020

Every company should take measures to ensure its premises are tidy and hygienic at all times. This is achieved not only by having your office cleaning in West Terre Haute performed by a reputable janitorial service, but also by implementing hygiene policies designed to ensure your employees will help keep their own workspace clean. 

Since no two firms or workplaces are the same, each workplace needs to have its own custom hygiene policy to keep their employees safe and healthy. These policies can differ widely depending on factors such as the specific industry a company operates in, the area its premises are located at, the number of employees, and so on.

In this article, we’ll look at the hygiene policies used in most office spaces, and how best to implement and improve them. Read on to learn more. 

How to maintain personal hygiene in the workplace

How to maintain personal hygiene in the workplace?

Having a clean workplace has countless benefits, including boosting employee morale, contributing to a healthy workforce, and leaving a positive impression on prospective clients and employees. It also saves money in the long run by ensuring workers don’t take sick leave as often. 

You can maximize workplace hygiene by:

  • Implementing a hygiene policy. Create a list of things your employees are responsible for in terms of cleaning and print out a copy for each employee. Make sure they’re fully aware of your intentions and expectations. Penalize employees who fail to observe the policy.
  • Ensuring the restrooms are clean. The restroom should be 100% sanitary at all times. Also, make sure it’s always stocked with necessities such as toilet paper, hand towels, and soap.
  • Supplying clean wipes, tissues, and sanitizers. The ready availability of these items makes it infinitely easier for your employees to keep their workspace clean. It also removes any excuses they may have for not doing so.
  • Cleaning your premises regularly and professionally. Unless you employ full-time janitors, you need to get in touch with a trusted janitorial company and schedule recurring cleanings of your premises. This ensures your workplace is always 100% fresh and maintains an air of professionalism.

How can hygiene be improved in the workplace?

Implementing an effective workplace hygiene policy, and regularly reminding employees of the importance of keeping their offices clean is the best way to ensure a high level of cleanliness and curb the spread of harmful microbes. 

A reasonable and efficient workplace hygiene policy would include:

  • Generally cleaning up after yourself,
  • Regularly wiping down your workstation,
  • Washing your cups, mugs, dishes, and cutlery on a daily basis,
  • Using the provided sanitiser,
  • Always covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing,
  • Always washing your hands before exiting the toilet,
  • Always wiping a public toilet down after use,
  • Never cleaning your face with reused tissues,
  • Putting all food scraps, wrappings, etc., in the provided bins,
  • Not leaving food leftovers in the fridge,
  • Labeling your food,
  • Leaving the kitchen cleaner where you found it.

How can hygiene be improved in the workplace

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