Mold in the Office Space: How to Get Rid of It

Oct / 29 / 2021

Whether in a work environment or at home, mold is something that everyone strives to get rid of as soon as possible. This is especially because when it starts spreading, it gets harder and harder to completely remove it.

Most businesses hire a professional cleaner in Terre Haute, IN to clean their workplace regularly. But there are also some things that you can do yourself to keep your business allergen-free, while simultaneously getting rid of pests and making your enterprise stand out from the rest. Read on for more advice!

How to prevent mold in the workplace?

Getting rid of mold is extremely easy if you spot it early on. Simple use of antifungal sprays or other disinfecting agents can completely get rid of it. But, it gets tougher and tougher to completely destroy if it’s left unnoticed and untreated for a longer period of time.

Mold is a fungus that grows rather quickly and is fuzzy in appearance. It mostly likes to grow on food, but humid, dark, and damp places are also somewhere where you’ll often find it. It’s extremely weak to bleach, so a bleach-water solution will almost instantly get rid of it.

Additionally, mold is an extremely good source of allergens, causing a wide variety of allergic symptoms. Its spores can cause symptoms such as itchy or puffy eyes, runny nose, rash, or even difficulty breathing.

To ensure that you and your employees are safe all year round you got to make sure to:

1. Regularly ventilate the rooms

Regular and good ventilation ensures that enough fresh air gets inside the office space, getting rid of that old stale air and mold spores that might be floating in it.

2. Natural sunlight

Direct natural sunlight is another great way to get rid of mold. Natural sunlight directly affects mold spores, hindering their growth. Because mold needs dark, dampness, and stale air to thrive.

By regularly airing out the office you can quickly get rid of not only mold, but any other common allergens like dust or mildew. Just make sure to watch out during allergy season when other “outside” allergens can come in, like polen.

3. Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning goes a long way. Not only will it get rid of potential mold spores that might be living in the more secluded corners of your office space, but it will ensure that you and your employees work in a clean and safe environment. After all, it’s a place where most of you spend eight or more hours a day.

This can be achieved either by constant upkeep of the office space by your janitorial team, if you have one, or weekly or biweekly visits from a custodian company.

4. Monthly visits by a professional cleaning company

Having your business space cleaned and maintained by a professional janitorial or custodian company is probably the best decision that you can make.

Not only will that guarantee that all of the previously mentioned cleaning tasks will be done, but regular cleaning will be better than anything you could accomplish by yourself. Professionals have the perfect tools and equipment for the job and not to mention years’ worth of experience and know-how.


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