Poor Office Air Quality: All You Need to Know

Dec / 31 / 2021

Compared to outside air pollution, indoor air quality has long been overlooked. However, just because indoor air pollution is difficult to detect doesn’t imply it’s harmless. Certain contaminants have concentrations that are 2 to 10 times greater indoors than outdoors. Aside from the obvious physiological consequences, there are also cognitive ones.

That’s why many business owners decide to hire a cleaning service in Terre Haute, IN, to try and lessen the impact of other cleanliness levels related negative effects. But, simply being aware of the importance of cleaning and having a nice and tidy office, is usually enough to avert people from most common office cleaning myths. Read on!

What are the reasons for poor indoor air quality in office buildings?

There are many factors that contribute to the overall air quality in an office building. These include:

1. Building occupants

Basically, what this means is that every single person creates pollution. Yes, just by walking, talking, and sitting in the office environment, everybody is contaminating it, more or less. Dust being kicked up from the carpets by walking or the distinct smell of paper or printer ink toner, all add up to create an overall bad air quality in a poorly ventilated office.

2. Ventilation design

Ventilation is one of the most crucial aspects of how you can battle stale air in an office environment. Having a poorly designed ventilation system can be a nightmare, especially if the design of the building itself does not allow for proper natural ventilation.

3. Machines and office supplies

There are many appliances in a typical office space. From laptops, printers, and projectors and other electronic devices to paper stacks, ink toners, and air fresheners, practically all office supplies and devices can be air pollutants. And air pollution, in a sense, does not have to be caused by dust or microbes. Poor air quality can be brought on by simply mixing too many different smells into one unpleasant one.

How can I improve indoor air quality in my office?

Indoor air, aside from its effect on health, essentially affects efficiency and productivity. Assuming the smell in a working environment is really pungent, you might see some employees have physical and mental responses. Different variables, like a flawed forced air system or an ineffectively lit working environment, may reduce employees’ energy levels and cause uneasiness.

Ventilation frameworks in your structure are by and large among the main deciding factors of indoor air quality. Thus, you’ll need to actually take a look at your heating and air conditioning systems or seek ways in which you can improve them if the air quality becomes a serious problem.

Since your ventilation system will collect air from an outside environment, ensure that the supply of fresh air isn’t disturbed in any way. Make sure that there isn’t any blockage in the system or that the ventilation entrance isn’t near any of the major pollutant sources, which will end up, through your vents, into your office space.

Controlling moisture in your working environment is crucial since organic pathogens thrive in a damp environment. On the other hand, your workers might experience the symptoms, such as dry and aggravated eyes, and a bothersome throat from overly dry air. So maintaining a balance is crucial.


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