How to Keep Your Office Space Clean

Aug / 31 / 2021

Keeping your office space in pristine condition is vital for many reasons. Not only will the productivity be better in the well-maintained office space, but it’ll also boost public opinion if your entrance or lobby is highly hygienic.

Many businesses in West Terre Haute greatly rely on custodian services to clean and maintain their property. However, there are things that every business owner should know, like how to improve hand hygiene in your office, how to reduce office cleaning costs, and what is the best way to efficiently organize cleaning supplies. Read on to learn how to keep your office area clean!

How to keep your office clean for a longer period of time?

Cleaning an office space is no easy task. Especially if you take, for example, bigger businesses that have a lobby, various entrances where clients and business partners can come in, waiting rooms, guest bathrooms, etc. All of those places that are in the public eye have to look impeccable all the time if you want your business to have a good reputation.

Although every business should and must have its own janitorial service, sometimes the work gets so complex and time-consuming that it becomes too much for a single business to take care of on its own. 

That’s where custodian companies that offer various services step in. Large businesses have long since figured out that even though paying for custodian services can be costly, they offer a lot of positive benefits.

Simply having someone whose primary job is cleaning your office space is sometimes priceless. Not only do you not have to allocate your own resources and people to worry about stuff like this, but custodians tend to have a larger and deeper knowledge of various techniques and good practices when it comes to office building maintenance.

All of this does not mean that you should forfeit all of the cleaning to a third party completely. Maintaining a reasonable amount of autonomy when it comes to office space cleaning is important. And it can be done in various ways. 

Having your employees engaged in cleaning is one way of doing it. This does not imply in any way that they should focus on cleaning during their work hours, but rather simply to have them be responsible for their own desk, various appliances, and spaces in common areas such as the employee bathroom, canteen, etc.

Simply provide the office with enough cleaning supplies and cleaning aids that they might need, and they will more often than not use them. People hate dirty environments and accidents do happen. 

Maybe someone spilled coffee on their desk, the paper flew out of the paper shredder, or the printer spewed ink all over the desk. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that everyone has access to cleaning tools to ensure the clean office space that everyone should be entitled to.

Not only will this boost productivity, but it will keep the overall happiness way higher than it would have been if you hadn’t hired a custodian and allowed them access to all of the cleaning aids they might need. 

Depending on the structure of your business, and the willingness of your employees, you may create some rules regarding the office canteen, like what can be kept in the refrigerator, or whether or not they can drink their coffee at their desk. 

How to keep your office clean for a longer period of time

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