7 Tips on Creating a Cleaning Checklist for Employees

Jun / 23 / 2021

Can a regular office cleaning routine help you keep your employees healthy and happy? Evidence suggests that a clean and organized office improves productivity and reduces sick days

A messy office doesn’t just look unprofessional, it can also distract your employees and decrease motivation. To ensure that it doesn’t come to that, it’s best that you contact your local company that offers office deep cleaning in Terre Haute, IN to help you keep your office space nice and tidy. 

Additionally, you can have your employees help out with easier daily cleaning tasks. And the quickest and easiest way you can achieve this is by creating an easy-to-follow checklist for employees. 

You will need to have the right products for office cleaning, and you might also want to call up a meeting to discuss proper ways to keep the office kitchen clean, provide guidelines on how to maintain hygiene in the office bathroom, etc.

So how do you make a checklist that works? Read on!

How do I make an employee cleaning schedule?

Creating an employee cleaning schedule is fairly simple. First off you need to know which parts around the office constantly keep getting dirty and are potential bacteria breeding grounds. 

Of course, bigger and demanding cleaning jobs should be left to a professional janitorial company which is familiar with government issued office hygiene regulations.

Having employees help out with office cleaning is extremely practical, especially in a small to mid-sized office. Obviously, you’d want your employees focusing on work primarily, so finding which cleaning tasks can be done naturally, as part of an everyday workplace routine, is really important.

Here are a few tips to help you create your own cleaning schedule:

1. Clear the clutter

When it comes to clutter, you can either have your employees recycle it, throw it away or put it back where it belongs. Encourage the employees to use zip ties to keep cords and computer wires coiled and organized.

2. Dust away

Wipe dust from common, frequently used areas with a damp rag or a paper towel. Everyone should be responsible for their desk cleanliness, and their electronics, especially computer peripherals. 

Having a compressed air can in the office is a necessity. Mainly for dusting hard-to-reach places like keyboards which are by far one of the dirtiest things in any office.

3. Disinfection

Use sanitizing spray on surfaces that see everyday constant use, while paying extra attention to surfaces in the office kitchen. Make sure you don’t forget to regularly disinfect high-germ areas like the vending machines, microwave, fridge handle, and water fountain buttons.

4. Empty the fridge

Throw away old food and drinks to create more space. Perhaps this is a good time to establish some fridge rules. Rules like: how much food each person can bring in, when you need to get rid of old food and drinks, etc.

5. Restroom tasks

Make sure to refill soap and paper dispensers regularly, sometimes daily. Also, make sure to wipe down the mirror and disinfect all hard surfaces, mostly ones around the sinks and soap dispensers.

6. Empty the trash regularly

Properly dispose of trash bags and recyclables. If you don’t have a service that does this automatically for you, make a rotating weekly list where you and your co-workers do it.

7. Glass duty

Have someone spray a towel with glass cleaner and wipe away any smudge from the windows. This is especially important in larger office buildings where most of the outer walls are made out of glass. And allowing that precious natural light to freely flow in is also very important for employee morale and productivity.

Tips on Creating a Cleaning Checklist for Employees

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