What Is a Clean Desk Policy?

Jan / 29 / 2020

A clean desk policy (often abbreviated as CDP) is a corporate directive that specifies in what state the staff should leave their workstations prior to exiting the workplace. In the past, these policies were implemented with the goal of ensuring maximum office cleanliness.

Today, while office hygiene is still the primary reason behind CDP, these policies are now also motivated by the Data Protection Act, ISO 27001, and other information security compliance regulations. 

But why are CDPs necessary? Isn’t desk-cleaning a job for professional office cleaners in West Terre Haute? Yes and no. In this article, we’ll explain this distinction and give you some pointers on how to effectively implement CDP in your own company and keep your employees’ morale high. Read on.

What is a clean desk policy

Why is it important to keep a clean desk?

An employee’s workstation (meaning their desk, cubicle, office, etc.) is where they spend most of their workday, and consequently where most of their work gets done and sensitive documentation is stored. 

At the end of the work day, the workstation must be:

  • Hygienic. An employee’s desk should never be stained, cluttered, or otherwise unsanitary for a prolonged period of time. Food crumbs, discarded wrappings, and other types of dirt serve as fertile ground for various microbes and molds, which can cause the spread of disease and aggravate existing conditions such as asthma. Because of this, maintaining a sanitary workplace environment is crucial. 
  • Clear of any sensitive documents or files. How important this is depends on the industry the company is in. If the employees work with sensitive data on a daily basis, they should be expected to clear out their desks before leaving work, and the employer should provide them with paper shredders and similar devices. 

What is a clean desk policy?

A clean desk policy is part of the general workplace hygiene policy. Its goal is to ensure the offices smell and look fresh, that every employee feels they’re working in a sanitary environment, and that no important documents are left in the open. 

This has various benefits, including:

  • Improving employee morale,
  • Preventing the spread of disease,
  • Reducing the amount of sick leave employees take,
  • Creating an atmosphere of professionalism,
  • Leaving a good impression on potential employees or clients,
  • Keeping sensitive data secure,
  • Improves productivity by encouraging the use of digital documents,
  • Saves money by reducing paper, ink toner, and printer maintenance costs.

How do you enforce a clean desk policy?

Like all company-wide policies, proper communication is vital. The policy itself must be presented in an unobstructive and straightforward manner, and the staff must be reminded of it occasionally to ensure everyone follows it. 

Of course, the policy itself must be reasonable. Your employees aren’t professional cleaners, and shouldn’t be expected to do things like dust, vacuum, mop, or throw out the trash (that’s the job for a cleaning company). Your CDP should encompass things that your employees can be reasonably expected to do in a short amount of time before leaving work.

A clean desk policy is best enforced by:

  • Printing it out and putting it at prominent locations,
  • Regularly reminding employees of it,
  • Penalizing workers who repeatedly fail to follow the CDP,
  • Leading with an example. 

Why is it important to keep a clean desk

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