How Can a Clean Office Desk Boost Productivity?

Oct / 29 / 2020

Spending time in a cluttered, confined space is a surefire way to kill productivity in general, and even more so at work. The same applies to work stations, which is why keeping your desk clean and free of clutter is an essential component of a comprehensive cleaning strategy designed to improve productivity. In addition to that, a clean office means less sick days, and healthy employees are happy employees. To ensure top-notch hygiene in the office and promote the prosperity of your business at large, you can always contact a reliable company that provides office cleaning services in Farmersburg, Terre Haute and the neighboring communities.

But maintaining general cleanliness in the office really starts with everyone taking individual responsibility for proper hygiene, maintenance and organization. To motivate your employees to keep their desks germ and clutter-free, you need to lead by example, and that is where our great tips will certainly come in handy. So, keep reading!

What can I use to clean my office desk

How do I keep my office desk clean and clutter-free?

Similarly to the surfaces in your home, office desks require regular wiping and keeping clutter to a minimum. Here’s a practical routine to follow to do that:

  • Use the trash bin to prevent paper from piling up. At the end of the day, check which papers and other objects you need to keep and which you should toss away immediately. The worst thing that can happen is ending up with heaps of documents on the desk and never finding the one you really need.
  • Use fewer office items. Strive for minimalism. Examine the state of your desk in its current state first. Decide what you really need, such as your desktop computer, what can be kept in drawers and what is not at all necessary in the office. This approach will result in a tremendous reduction of redundant desktop items.
  • Store things digitally. Replace those endless notes with more than useful and simple apps such as Contacts and Tasks. Make the sticky-notes cluttering your screen a thing of the past. Print out only the documents that really must be used in paper form. This is not only helpful for keeping a neat desk but is also environmentally friendly and the right and responsible thing to do.
  • Clean and disinfect thoroughly. Once the desk is free of clutter, start cleaning. Clean your computer screen and dust all the surfaces. Don’t forget the drawers: clear them completely out and wipe them down, too. A solution of water and white vinegar is suitable for cleaning such surfaces, but you can also choose any appropriate cleaning agent. Lastly, disinfect it with a disinfectant spray.

office cleaning services in Farmersburg, Terre Haute

What can I use to clean my office desk?

Make sure to use appropriate products and microfiber cloths for different surfaces:

  • Computer screen. Clean it with a damp microfiber cloth, gently brushing the screen in long motions. Another safe option is to use pre-moistened wipes. Still, be sure to check the manufacturer’s user manual before taking any action.
  • The keyboard. Use compressed air to clean your keyboard or any other objects with difficult to reach areas, then wipe it with a slightly damp microfiber cloth free of lint.
  • Desk surfaces. Remove any dust, then disinfect using a reliable spray or disinfectant wipes. Also, wipe down and sanitize drawers and shelves.
  • Cleaning agents. If you want to use cleaning products, choose the ones that don’t contain harsh chemicals and make sure you rinse them off thoroughly. A solution containing water and vinegar can also be used on desk surfaces.

Top quality office cleaning services in Farmersburg, Terre Haute and the surrounding areas

One of the perks of hiring professional cleaners to take care of your office and address the common issues, aside from having a more comfortable, more pleasant and more productive work environment, is finally having more time and energy to enjoy the time spent outside work, whether in Farmersburg or the surrounding areas across Terre Haute and Vigo County.

Based on our previous experience with satisfied, recurring customers, we can promise that all the surfaces in your office space will be spotlessly clean after we’re done. Wait no longer, and invest in top-notch hygiene and better health and wellbeing of your and your staff. Call today!