Office Deep Cleaning: All You Need to Know

Oct / 02 / 2019

In addition to regular cleaning services, most commercial cleaning companies recommend a seasonal deep cleaning for commercial spaces. If you are a business owner, you may be wondering what office deep cleaning entails and why it’s important and start using the advantages of automated deep office cleaning.

Maintaining a clean office space is essential if you want to protect the health of your employees and keep a professional image of your business. That is why hiring trusted experts for office cleaning services give you a more thorough clean every once in a while is a great way to ensure maximum cleanliness levels and and give your employees a motivation and productivity boost.

Read on to learn more about professional office deep cleaning!

What is an office deep clean?

What does an office deep clean entail? Compared to a regular clean, a deep cleaning service typically includes cleaning tasks that are more demanding and require more time to complete. While not all commercial cleaning services are the same, most of them will follow a cleaning checklist that may or may not include the following tasks:

  • Vacuuming all carpets thoroughly (moving furniture if necessary).
  • Detailed mopping and scrubbing of all floors.
  • Cleaning light switches, fixtures, and door handles.
  • Vacuuming drapes, blinds, windowsills, etc.
  • Emptying and cleaning inside cabinets.
  • Cleaning inside appliances (microwave, fridge, etc.).
  • Comprehensive bathroom and toilet cleaning.
  • Sanitizing computer keyboards & screens.
  • Dusting vents, baseboards, ledges, etc.
  • Sanitizing all surfaces with effective green cleaning agents.

Is it time for an office deep clean?

How do you know that your commercial space needs a deep cleaning? If your office is cleaned every day or every week, you may be inclined to think that it’s more than sufficiently clean. However, a regular office cleaning service usually tackles areas that are easy to reach. This means that dust will accumulate behind your appliances, under desks, and on your carpets unless these areas are given the attention they deserve.

So, if you notice more dust bunnies than usual or that your light fixtures need extra attention, don’t hesitate to book a deep clean. This way, you’ll eliminate dangerous germs and reduce the number of dust mites, thus alleviating allergy symptoms of your employees.

How often do offices need deep cleaning?

Regular dusting and vacuuming will do the trick for most offices, but your commercial space will need a thorough clean every once in a while if you want to give less accessible areas a good scrub and keep the dirt in check.

As a general rule of thumb, you should book a deep cleaning service every six months to ensure an optimal level of cleanliness. This way, you won’t allow your commercial space to get too dusty and messy and the regular weekly or daily cleaning will be just enough to maintain desirable hygiene standards at all times.

Book top-quality office cleaning services and reach your business goals

A clean office is a necessity for any serious business. Not only is it important for keeping your employees healthy and productive, but it can also help you impress business partners and clients visiting your premises.

As we have demonstrated, the benefits of professional office cleaning are many. Still, the biggest one for most business owners is definitely the gift of time that it provides them with. With your office cleaning tasks in the hands of experienced professionals, you’ll have all the time you need to work on attaining business success or even take a break to visit Vigo County Historical Museum.

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