Office Kitchen Etiquette: How to Keep It Clean?

Jan / 29 / 2021

Apart from maybe the restroom, the kitchen is the single most sensitive area in any workplace when it comes to hygiene. Ensuring your office kitchen is tidy and germ-free will not only make your workplace look more professional, it’ll also reduce the risk coronavirus and other infectious diseases pose to your business. 

We previously gave you some advice on how to avoid common mistakes while cleaning your office and which areas to pay extra attention to during office cleaning. Now we’ll help you take your workplace hygiene to an even higher level by providing you with pointers on how to keep your office kitchen clean and healthy at all times. 

Needless to say, you can implement the following guidelines regardless of whether you employ your own in-house cleaners or outsource your company’s cleaning needs to one of the commercial cleaning companies in Clinton, IN. Read on to learn more. 

What are some hygiene rules in the kitchen?

Like the rest of your premises, your kitchen should receive professional-grade cleanings on a regular basis. However, the cleaners can’t be at your premises 24/7. To maintain proper hygiene and avoid unnecessary arguments among the staff, you should also create a kitchen cleanliness etiquette that everyone at the workplace has to follow.

Here’s a basic kitchen etiquette: 

Rule #1: Keep things tidy

Your employees should be expected to wipe up any spills, dispose of their trash by putting it in the garbage can, put their eating utensils in the sink or the dishwasher after they’re done using them, and generally refrain from making a mess. 

Likewise, just because the janitors are going to give the floor a good scrubbing later doesn’t mean that anyone should be allowed to walk around the kitchen in muddy shoes. 

Rule #2: Make sure your hands are clean

Touching the handle on the refrigerator or the buttons on the microwave with unwashed hands automatically exposes anyone else who touches those surfaces to whatever pathogens may be hitching a ride on your fingers. To keep the place healthier, everyone at the workplace should be expected to wash their hands before using the kitchen. 

Rule #3: Be considerate of sensitive stomachs

Tales of horrific accidents and details about bodily functions should never be talked about in an office kitchen, or anywhere else where people are eating. We’d even go so far as to say that such discussions are best kept out of the workplace entirely. 

Rule #4: Don’t take up the entire fridge

Refrigerator space tends to be in short supply in crowded workplaces. For this reason, employees should only refrigerate items that have to be kept cold. Anything that doesn’t should remain in a bag at their desk.

Furthermore, while keeping a meal in the fridge for a couple days is acceptable, food should never be left there indefinitely. Doing so will not only take up valuable fridge real estate, it can also become a health hazard if it becomes spoiled. 

Rule #5: Don’t bring smelly foods to the workplace

Some edibles have strong odors that can leave a lasting smell inside a refrigerator and even “rub off” on other people’s meals. No matter how tasty or nutritious they may be, such foods should never be consumed at the office.

how to clean the office kitchen

Where can I find dependable commercial cleaners in Clinton, IN?

Workplace cleanliness is a must in this day and age. Just as you wouldn’t send your kids to the South Vermillion High School if it wasn’t cleaned to the highest standards, you shouldn’t expect your staff and clients to spend time at an unhygienic office. 

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