How Poor Office Hygiene Could Cost Your Business

Mar / 27 / 2020

The US economy loses $576 billion (yes, you read that right) each year as a result of poor health at the workplace. As much as 39% of that is attributed to employee absenteeism due to illness, with further losses stemming from workers’ compensation and the cost of disability.

With the above in mind, it becomes clear why maintaining proper hygiene at the workplace is vital in order to ensure your business stays profitable. Whether you do this by hiring full-time janitors or using specialized office cleaning services in West Terre Haute is up to you.

In the following article, we’ll analyze the effects of office hygiene and explain why optimizing your workplace cleaning can greatly benefit your business. Read on to learn more.

What's the best way to prevent sickness in the office

Why do workers take sick leave?

Sick leave (also known as “sick pay” or “paid sick days”) is time off from work that employees can use to remain home and resolve their health issues without losing pay. In addition to having to pay the worker their regular pay, the employer also pays a “hidden” price in the form of lost productivity and expertise in the workplace.

According to studies, the main causes of people getting sick at the office include:

  • General lack of hygiene,
  • Dirty and unhygienic desk phone,
  • Coworkers leaving out-of-date food in the communal fridge,
  • Dirty and cluttered office desk,
  • Dirty and unhygienic keyboard,
  • Badly washed mugs, plates, and cutlery in the workplace kitchen,
  • Dirty and unsanitized workplace kitchen,
  • Colleagues showing up to work sick,
  • Unsanitary restrooms,
  • Pets in the workplace.

Other major causes of health problems at the workplace include:

  • Carpets and area rugs that contain allergens, toxins, and dust mites,
  • Harmful emissions produced by the use of low-quality cleaning products,
  • Dust buildup that contains dangerous microbes, pollens, and mites,
  • Grimy and clogged ventilation systems and AC filters,
  • Lack of quality soaps, sanitizers, and other bathroom supplies,
  • Infrequently or insufficiently aired offices,
  • Mold in the walls and carpeting.

What’s the best way to prevent sickness in the office?

Not all states in the US require employers to provide paid sick leave. However, many employers in these states choose to offer paid sick leave anyway. Doing so attracts a highly-qualified workforce and minimizes presenteeism.

Presenteeism is when a sick or injured worker comes to work but is unable to perform as expected due to their condition. Not only does this reduce productivity, it also runs the risk of the disease spreading to other people in the office.

The only way to minimize the chance of your employees getting sick in the workplace is to keep your offices as clean and as hygienic as possible at all times. Since having in-house janitors isn’t commercially viable for most businesses, you’ll have to outsource your office cleaning to a trusted commercial cleaning company.

Why do workers take sick leave

Where can I book the top office cleaning services in West Terre Haute?

Most businesses in America walk a fine line between being profitable and losing money. As the owner or manager of one such company, the last thing you need is for your employees to call in sick, be unable to perform well due to illness or allergies, or even sue you for failing to provide sanitary work conditions.

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