What Are the Top 4 Office Cleaning Rules?

May / 31 / 2021

A healthy employee is a happy employee, and a happy one means better productivity and more work done. No matter the size of your business, keeping the office clean should always be a part of the employee’s routine. It’s not only a job done by a custodian company. Implementing some rules to keep the office clean at all times, and having your employees adhere to them goes a long way.

You might be thinking how it’s a lot easier to just call your local commercial cleaning company  in Brazil, IN to come in a few extra times a month, than implement such rules. But, it’s actually not. These rules boil down to common sense. And having them might just save you a lot of hassle down the line, especially when you notice signs that you need to change your janitorial service provider.

With that in mind, knowing when to outsource your cleaning, and knowing which questions to ask a new janitorial company is also very important. You should be informed on all of these topics to make sure that you choose a custodian company that is best suited to you.

How do you encourage office cleanliness?

The office is your second home, so you should keep it clean and tidy. Plus, a clean space improves work morale. A good office cleanliness policy should include the following rules:

1. Clean desk rule

More often than not, there are some papers and documents cluttered on the office desks. And even though most of them are important, not all of them are necessary. So it’s important to establish a rule, that only the currently necessary documents should be allowed to be piled up on the desks. And that it’s necessary to sort the documents periodically.

There should be a system of filing cabinets set up. One main one, and smaller ones at each desk. Where employees can keep the currently needed, but not immediately necessary documents near their desk. While the main filing cabinets should be used to archive documents and files that won’t be needed anytime soon.

2. No food in the office

Sustenance is important, and you cannot stop employees from eating. However, you can make rules about food so that office cleanliness is maintained. During the lunch break, the employees can utilize the designated eating areas, like the dining area or the break room. Eating at the office desks should be avoided as much as possible.

If you allow this sort of behavior, although they are working hard, and you might be happy, other employees might not appreciate the mess or the smell. Not to mention that it can be distracting to others, even if it’s only one person doing it.

3. Phones and electronics disinfection

Phones and computer peripherals (mose, keyboard, etc.) are the dirtiest surfaces in your entire office. Keeping them clean not only helps maintain a high cleanliness standard in the office, but it’s also in correlation with government suggested cleaning and office hygiene regulations.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to provide each desk with wet wipes, hand sanitizers and paper towels. Making sure that they are cleaned once in a while, will go a long way. Ensuring that the employees are healthy, and also, a longer electronics’ life-span. Keeping electronics clean is very important for keeping them funcional.

4. Keeping office as sanitary as possible

It is a very important rule, one which cannot be directly influenced. It should be a combined effort. Where a janitorial service provider plays a huge role, but also the employee’s everyday care about the workplace has a massive impact on the overall office hygiene.

Things like keeping the restrooms clean should be left to the professionals. As well as sweeping the floors and disinfecting sensitive surfaces. When it comes to employees, a good rule of thumb is to have each employee care for their own workspace. Keeping their desks clean and clutter-free should be a part of their daily routine.

How do you encourage office cleanliness

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