Top 5 Facts About Office Cleanliness

Jan / 31 / 2022

Investing in office cleaning services is critical if you wish to enhance your office’s workplace hygiene. Each commercial or office setting is unique. The spaces will include varying equipment, technology, and furnishings. There are a broad variety of workplaces that can be cleaned effectively by professional office cleaners.

Knowing the importance of a clean working environment will simultaneously guarantee good air quality in the office, and minimize absenteeism and sick leaves related to illnesses. Just remember to steer clear of common office cleaning mistakes, and you can transform your office in a matter of days. So before you reach out to experts in Terre Haute, IN, who offer  janitorial cleaning services, read on to find out why keeping your office clean is important.


Why is office cleanliness important?

Besides keeping your business’s image intact, office cleaning services also contribute to staff health and well-being. As a consequence of the sneezing and coughing brought on by the lack of regular cleaning, germs, bacteria, and dust spread fast. Check out these facts and figures to get motivated to maintain a consistent cleaning routine.

1. Every year, the cold or flu wastes millions of workdays

Over half a million workdays are lost each year because of the flu in the U.S. This significantly impairs productivity, particularly whenever a disease spreads across an organization, infecting numerous people.

2. When it comes to germs, office desks are even dirtier than bathrooms

Office desks may be up to 500 times filthier than toilet bowls. This is because you’re spending most of your working days in the company of millions of bacteria that are basically everywhere, on the telephones, keyboards, and chairs at your workplace. In addition to food crumbs, workers who just don’t wash up after coughing, sneezing, or blowing their noses also have a role in causing this problem.

3. Bacterial counts rapidly increase on surfaces that have been neglected

Having your office not cleaned regularly will keep the bacteria level at your workplace at a constant high. Aside from that, water coolers and bathroom taps in the workplace have bacteria that might transmit dangerous illnesses when not cleaned on a regular basis. When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing, the expenditure is worth it since dangerous illnesses may spread by coming in contact with contaminated things like taps or refrigerator knobs.

4. Work environments of male employees are more unclean than that of female employees

According to studies, one of the most prevalent bacterial sources was found to be people in office spaces. Male workers had four to five times more germs in their workstations than female workers. In addition to personal working spaces, this covers everything from keyboards and phones to laptops and desk drawers.

5. Bacteria on the keyboard and mouse

The presence of a significant number of germs on office objects is due to the fact that workers cough and sneeze for long periods of time each day while using keyboards and other office equipment.

There are also dead skin cells and other debris on keyboards. Regular disinfection of both the mouse and the keyboard is recommended to keep the risk of infection to a minimum.


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In addition to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment, actively encouraging office cleanliness, inside and outside of the building, will net you bonus points when it comes to the public image of your business. Not to mention that this is even more invaluable if you’re located near an important landmark, such as Indiana State University.

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