The Psychology Behind a Clean Workspace

Mar / 27 / 2020

Cleanliness is one of the most vital factors in office productivity. In addition to boosting productivity and avoiding extra costs, a clean workplace makes employees happier and more motivated to provide as much value as they can to the company.

In this article, we’ll explain how a lack of regular commercial cleaning can hurt your West Terre Haute business and even make it impossible for it to grow. Keep reading to learn more.

How does workplace cleanliness affect employee morale

Is an unhygienic office bad for business?

And how. One of the worst mistakes a business owner or manager can make is view commercial cleaning services as something that only has to be used occasionally in order to meet health and safety regulations.

In reality, office cleanliness directly impacts a company’s bottom line and its ability to operate. Giving it the attention it deserves is crucial if you want to create a good public image for your business and increase its long-term productivity.

An unsanitary workplace has many drawbacks, including:

  • Negative public image. Dirty premises immediately make anyone who sees them assume that the company is failing. After all, how well could it be doing if they can’t even afford to clean their commercial property? Prospective clients and investors give such companies a wide berth.
  • Frequent sick leave. Dirty environments facilitate the spread of disease and aggravate chronic conditions such as asthma and allergies. This causes serious monetary losses in the form of paid sick leave, lost productivity, disability expenses, and more.
  • Getting sued. An employee who gets sick as a result of unsanitary work conditions can sue their employer. Even if you win the lawsuit, it will still result in costly and time-consuming legal proceedings, not to mention a blow to your company’s reputation.
  • Sub-par workers. The only people who will accept to work in a messy environment are the ones who can’t get a job anywhere else. Populating your company with such individuals will invariably hold it back and make it impossible to attract top-level talent.
  • Low employee retention. No one wants to stick around for long in a dirty workplace. This will result in constant team changes, reduced employee loyalty, and extra expenses that stem from having to find and train replacements for the workers who left.

How does workplace cleanliness affect employee morale?

When it comes to home cleaning, most people are responsible for keeping their own places clean and can therefore tolerate a certain amount of dust or dirt if they don’t feel like dealing with it right away. This is not the case with workplace cleaning.

Aside from keeping their desks tidy, employees usually aren’t involved in cleaning their workplace. It’s up to the companies to ensure their premises are sanitary and to do their best to minimize potential health risks for their workers. This is considered standard practice throughout the developed world.

If you fail to meet these standards of cleanliness, you’ll not only increase the risk of sickness in the workplace, you’ll also demoralize your employees. This will make them less productive, more prone to take sick leave, and more likely to look for another job. After all, nobody is going to go the extra mile for a company that won’t even provide them with a clean office.

Is an unhygienic office bad for business

Where can I book the finest commercial cleaning in West Terre Haute?

Not even a team-building trip to the Memorial Stadium is going to keep your employees happy and motivated if you fail to supply them with a healthy workplace. KCB Janitors can help you solve this problem in a highly effective and affordable manner.

We specialize in providing top-of-the-line commercial cleanings for companies in West Terre Haute. Reach out to us today if you wish to benefit from our seasoned cleaning experts and our commitment to ensuring our clients’ satisfaction and long-term success.