7 Office Cleaning Products Every Workplace Needs

Jun / 23 / 2021

Not only does a clean office leave a good first impression on customers, it’s also important for employees to come to work in a sanitary environment that’s neatly organized and well-kept. And to ensure that your office space looks and feels clean, fresh and professional, you need to make sure you have all the essential cleaning supplies.

The best option for most businesses is to just hire a local company that offers office deep cleaning service in Terre Haute, IN to do all the regular cleaning, keep the office kitchen clean, maintain hygiene in the office bathroom and to keep everything in check. 

And even if you made a weekly cleaning checklist for your employees, you’d still need supplies and cleaning products for those everyday cleaning chores. So what are the key cleaning products you need to keep close at hand at all times?

What cleaning supplies do I need for an office?

Firstly, having proper cleaning tools in the office is important. Not only would it help you in creating a good impression in front of your clients but would also encourage employees to complete their cleaning assignments expertly and without any difficulty.

There are so many great cleaning products and equipment out there that would actually reduce the amount of time you require to regularly maintain a particular commercial space. Here is a list of some of the essential cleaning supplies that every office should have:

1. Broom and dustpan

Brooms and dustpans are used to remove dirt and dust from the floor and other surfaces. Brooms can be used when you don’t have access to a vacuum cleaner, or for quick sweeps.

You can use a broom for hard-to-reach areas and places that are difficult to clean using a vacuum cleaner.

2. Microfiber cloths and paper towels

As the name suggests both of these supplies are used for wiping and dusting purposes. Paper towels are great for quick cleaning jobs, they are disposable, convenient and hygienic.

The microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning the surfaces where you don’t want any lint or residue left behind. Their good absorption and the fact that they leave no lint behind makes them ideal for window cleaning.

3. Glass cleaning solution

Larger offices have many windows or their walls are almost entirely made out of glass. Having a good glass cleaning solution and proper glass cleaning tools, like a squeegee and lint free cloths, is essential.

4. Vacuum cleaner

Having a vacuum in the office is a no-brainer. It’s ideal for all of the everyday spills, especially in the kitchen area, and quick and easy floor and upholstery routine cleaning.

5. Trash bags

Trash bags are very useful items for office cleaning purposes as they help to handle the garbage in a convenient and hygienic way.

They are lightweight and can be used for wet and dry trash. They are made of different materials, in different sizes, and for different purposes. 

6. Gloves

Gloves should be worn anytime when the cleaning requires use of any sort of chemical. It is necessary to ensure the users health and safety and to avoid potential contact between the chemical and the skin.

7. All-purpose sanitizers

They are essential for keeping the office space hygienic and germ-free. They are needed for disinfecting all kinds of surfaces, from office desks, door knobs, office kitchen counters, water fountains, bathroom sinks, soap dispensers, etc.

Office Cleaning Products Every Workplace Needs

How to find a reliable office deep cleaning service provider in Terre Haute, IN?

Finding a reliable company that won’t waste your time is very important. It becomes especially important when you need to keep your office space clean and your office is near one of the important places in the city, like Indiana State University.

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