Professional Office Cleaning: All You Need to Know

Jul / 22 / 2019

Decided to hire a commercial cleaning service for your business and provide your employees with a stimulating work environment? Then you probably want to know what to expect from professional office cleaning services. Read on! 

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What is general office cleaning?

Most office cleaning professionals will follow a comprehensive checklist of cleaning tasks when making your workspace shine. Naturally, not all office cleaning companies will give you the same cleaning experience, but you can usually expect the following tasks from a general office cleaning package: 

  • All wastebaskets are emptied and cleaned if necessary, the liners replaced
  • All desks, tables, and chairs are dusted and wiped with disinfectant
  • All carpeted and floored areas are vacuumed and mopped
  • All cobwebs and dust bunnies are removed 
  • All fingerprints on door handles and light switches are cleaned

When it comes to cleaning the dining area and washrooms, you can also expect the following tasks to be completed: 

  • Hand towels and toilet tissue replaced when needed
  • Mirrors polished and cleaned 
  • All surfaces dusted and wiped
  • All basins disinfected 
  • Urinals and toilets disinfected and wiped dry
  • Hard floors swept and mopped

Why you should hire a commercial cleaning company

There are numerous ways a business can benefit from janitorial cleaning and office cleaning services. In fact, a clean work environment is a must if you want your employees to reach their full potential. 

Here’s why you should hire commercial cleaning services for your business: 

  • It’s cost-effective in the long term. Having professional cleaners take care of your office hygiene will prevent carpet and furniture damage, avoiding unnecessary repairs and replacements. 
  • It improves the image of your business. An office that smells and looks fresh will ensure you leave a positive impression on all clients and business partners visiting your premises. 
  • It boosts your employees’ morale. If your employees aren’t distracted or demotivated by messy, cluttered desks and dirty washrooms, they’ll be much more likely to stay focused on producing great results. 
  • It protects your employees’ health. If you choose a good office cleaning company, your expert cleaners will probably use eco-friendly cleaning products that remove all traces of dangerous microbes and leave no chemicals behind. 
  • Makes sure your employees are happy. Your employees probably don’t like wasting their time on cleaning. They probably have enough chores to think about at home! If you provide them with a pristine office space, they are sure to thank you for it!
  • It increases your revenue. With your time freed up from having to hire, train, and supervise the cleaning of your office, you will be more productive and able to focus on those tasks that actually make you money!  

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Business owners always have more to do than they have time to do. One key to being successful and less stressed is to know what and when to delegate. If you are a business owner and your goal is to have a successful company and to streamline all aspects of running your business, then hiring professional office cleaning services is a must. This way, you’ll know that your employees are working at full speed in a fresh and stimulating environment and your customers will always see you in the best light. 

What’s more, delegating all your cleaning tasks to professionals will enable you to spend more time on the things you appreciate the most. Spend some quality time with your family at Dobbs Park Nature Center or go out for a drink with your friends. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll know that your office space will be cleaned to perfection. 

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